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Mystery Japan Bundle

Mystery Japan Bundle

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Take your tastebuds on a trip…. Around Japan! Your mystery bundle could include:- (10-15 mystery picks per box)

Meiji Rich Caramel choc Biscuits 96g 

Meiji Rich Caramel Biscuits is made with rich caramel cream sandwiched by rich cocoa chocolate biscuits

Yuraku Black Thunder Butter 22.7g 

This premium chocolate bar by Black Thunder is made of charred, melted butter, cashews, cocoa cookies, and bits of butter biscuits. The perfect combo of sweet and savory!


Pokemon Gum Cola 6g x 5 

This cool Pokemon themed bubble gum features Pokemon characters on the packaging and offers a delicious cola flavour in each pack. It's the perfect gift for any Pokemon fan!


Super Mario Gum 6g X 5

This cool Mario themed bubble gum features Mario characters on the packaging and offers a delicious grape flavour in each pack. It's the perfect gift for any Mario fan!


Coris Kazirittyo Grape & Soda Candy 16g 

Like a fizzy drink you can chew! This candy rope has a sweet and seriously chewy grape flavoured outside and a refreshing soda flavoured centre. Fun to hold and chew on pensively, this is a must-try for lovers of grape and/or soda flavoured candies.


Bandai Doraemon Gummi 13g 

Grape flavored gummies in the shape of the much-loved Japanese character, Doraemon!


Bandai Disney Pop'n Egg 

These Japanese Disney treats are completely unique! Cute sprinkle-covered white chocolate eggs filled with a cute little Disney character shaped strawberry gummy!


Orion Mini Cola Ramune Candy 9g 

Filled to the brim with white ramune tablet candies flavoured with an intensely tangy cola taste, take your time to savour the tingling fun of these tiny sweets and be sure to not guzzle them down all in one go.


Meiji Poifull 53g 

Each box of these Meiji Poifull Jelly Beans (Mix Fruit) contains a great mix of different fruit flavour jelly beans. These jelly beans are soft yet chewy; they are coated in an outer sugar shell which adds to their addictive texture. The flavours include grape, lemon, raspberry and green apple. If you’re lucky you might even find a heart-shaped jelly bean in the mix!


Yuraku Seika Black Thunder 21g 

These Japanese chocolate bars explode with chocolate cookie flavor! You won't be able to get enough of their crunchy, chocolatey, cookie-filled goodness!


Frito Lay Fiery Hot Mania Red & Green Pepper 50g 

Cheetos brings you this unique FIERY HOT MANIA red & green pepper flavour all the way from Japan!

Morinaga Chocoball Strawberry 25g 

Morinaga Choco Ball Strawberry consists of small, round chocolate balls with a juicy strawberry center.

Morinaga Chocoball Caramel 28g 

These delicious chocolate snacks are made by major Japanese snack maker Morinaga! They are very popular in Japan and these days available in a wide range of flavors. Kyuro-chan, the mascot bird for these chocolate candies, make the packages look super kawaii! This package contains caramel centered balls covered with chocolate


Meito Puku Puku Tai Chocolate 

Our favorite chocolate fish is swimming back to us! Chock-full of chocolate goodness, this airy, mousse-filled treat is also full of calcium! This taiyaki treat is a variation of monaka, a traditional Japanese confection featuring two layers of mochi wafers encasing a sweet filling.


Fujiya Peco Peco Biscucho 42g 

Fujiya Peko Chan Chocolate Biscuit with Cute Animal Pattern (design may vary)


Bourbon Everyburger 66g 

Bourbon brings you these adorable mini burger shaped biscuit snacks that are great for fulfilling any fast food cravings on the go. With a smooth and creamy milk chocolate centre, sandwiched between light and crunchy biscuit and topped with sesame seeds, each Every Burger bite makes for a tasty melt-in-the-mouth sensation that's fun to reach for every time.


Yaokin Long Chew Candy (cola, orange & grape)

Relish every bite of these flavoured stick of Japanese chewy candy! As the name suggests, it is LONG, so you enjoy the sweet and refreshing taste bite after bite!

 Meisan Pachi Pachi Panic Popping Candy (Grape, cola & soda)5g 

This exciting Pachi Pachi Panic package is filled with crunchy candy pieces that will start popping as soon as you place them into your mouth!

 Yaokin Sour Candy Spray (cola & soda)

A Japanese spray candy with a fruity flavor and extremely sour to spray directly on the tongue! Can you handle the sour!?

 Coris gum 14g (monster & grape)

Coris  Bubble Gum have 3 gumballs that come with a soft shell and a rich, gooey centre that bursts with flavour


Moringa Chew 52g (lemon & apple)

Hi-Chew, created by Morinaga in the '70s, is a cultural icon of Japan. It's one of Japan's best-selling chewy candies. Robustly fruity, super chewy with a soft juiciness inside, Hard candy crystals add crunch.


Panda Chocolate 47g

It's hard to ever turn down a rich, moreish biscuit, especially when they are this adorably delicious! These panda chocolate biscuits carry an unmistakable cuteness, featuring crunchy and flavoursome bite-size biscuit bases coated in thick dual layers of irresistible milk and dark chocolate to create the sweetest panda face snacks you've ever seen.

 Meiji Apollo 46g 

Apollo are the delicious and famous Mt fuji mountain shaped strawberry chocolates from Meiji. Each piece includes delicious Meiji milk chocolate topped with strawberry flavoured white chocolate. This is a must try for every fan of Japanese sweets!


Shaved Ice Soda Gum 16g 

Marukawa has a long tradition in making very tasty and special chewing gums which are very famous in Japan! This cute package features a cute polar bear and includes two bubble gum sticks which have a sweet and delicious, icy ramune soda flavor! Enjoy with your friends and family!

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